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Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Llanes




 LOS 4


Spanish  participants:

Saskia           ( teacher )

Marta              ( student )

José               ( student )

Jesús             ( student )

Hello everybody!

As some of you know, we have just got back from participating on a GRUNDTVIG SEMINAR for the GRUNDTVIG learning partnership project, “COME SHARE THE STORY”, in Trondheim, in Norway from 30th October to 3rd November, 2013.

Trondheim is in Center Land in Norway, It´s a beautiful place and there are very nice people.

Not only did we have 20 incredible workshops and training, including a walking tour to the forest of Bymarke at night, but also, it was 96 hours listening and speaking English full time and really great English immersion. Now we can clearly say that storytelling can help us to learn a new language.

We want to share with you these stories and the photos from the trip on the Blog.

We hope you will like it!

This is our story:

First day: 29/10 16.00 pm.  Very nervous and eager, we were at Asturias airport. Our destination: Madrid, first stop, where we had free time to see some friends.

Second day: 30/10 06.00 am. We were at Madrid Barajas airport to continue to Amsterdam and finally after three flights and 4.300 km we arrived Vaernes, Trondheim airport (NORWAY).


We went to Trondheim city by bus and finally we arrived at 17.30 pm at Clarion Collection Hotel Grand Olav.

We quickly Checked-in and we had a warm welcome and met the Norway committee and all the participants, a quick dinner at the self service hotel restaurant and all teams from all countries went to do sightseeing down town Trondheim by night. Cold weather and deep darkness, but very nice down town and very quiet city, it’s interesting see Norwegian windows in houses without curtains and blinds, where we can see all the interior of their homes, certainly Norwegians are more open-mind people than us.

PubVisita Trond

Puente nocturno nidaros night

We went to drink a beer in an old and nice pub and meet our partnership talking with everyone. Tired but also excited, we went to sleep to the hotel, it was.12.00 pm. It was a nice, great and funny day!


Third day: 31/10 07.00 am. Breakfast at the hotel and revise the timetable for the day, we went to Flatásen (a department of EVO) by bus, where we had to check storytelling methods in the teaching of a new language, it´s a good tool and a very different method than formal adult education.

We did some interesting and funny workshops about the topic travel stories after a funny (peculiar and ha-ha) warming up with Kari (Norwegian coordinator).


My success story about story telling”, “Where did my feet go?” Listening to many and funny stories, training, talking and participating with everybody!











Very Quick lunch at the canteen, we ate the very famous Norwegian food “LAKS” (salmon with sour cream cucumber and potatoes) and we went to visit the Maritime museum down town…

Rokie Sailor Pepe y Marta Navega

Navegacion  saskia navega

At the museum we listened to Latifa Nasser a political representative and refugee advisor.

We did more workshops and activities Rookie First Voyage”, “My first travel alone”….It was very interesting, after we had free time to shop and relax. The Norwegian committee proposed a winter bath, but we didn´t do it, it was 2ºC and the water was frozen. We had dinner at the Hotel and went to sleep with a headache from listening and speaking so much, we turned off and played “air plane mode” mind. Phew!!

 Fourth day: 01/11 07.00 am. Breakfast at the hotel and we went to Mellomveien (a department of EVO)

A very great and funny day!

A Rami exhibition of sculptures made with wool, it was very interesting and nice.

Figuras Rami

We continued with some workshops and different activities Svarta Bjorn, Black Bear, story and myths about the queen of rallar” “embroided stories” “songs and more….” Again a quick lunch at the canteen and free time for walking and shopping for some gifts and, we had dinner (GET THIS!) at 16.00 pm at a very nice Italian restaurant in down town.


At 17.00 pm. We went doing a walking tour to the forest of Bymarke by night, meditating in the very deep darkness; we walked for one hour and arrived at a cabin, it was a very beautiful building made of wood, where we continued our meeting in. Two more workshops A trip that change my life”, “Svarta Bjorn-Black bear four storiesThis last one, our team made a very funny performance to explain our story version. Everybody laughed, it was so great!

Teatro2    Teatro

Back to the Hotel by tramway at 11.00 pm. Finally, we could relax at the hotel’s Chill-out area and drink a beer… or more! While we sewed our part of the group patchwork that we gave as a present to Kari.

cosiendo     trapo

Fifth day: 02/11 07.00 am. Special day! It was the last seminar day and we went walking to Hornemansgärden where we did two more workshops “The Sami, trip to the past and present. Kofta”, “Button Stories” The first one, was very interesting listening to Kristin telling her life story as a nomad Sami woman.

SamiMarta Sami

We had lunch at “Two Tower” restaurant near the cathedral, a nice restaurant and good food (and also very fast, yes, of course!).

After lunch we went to listen to an Organ Meditation at Nidaros Cathedral and private guiding at Cathedral by Brice.


Free time again until 19.00pm and finally we went walking to a Farewell party at Mellomeien.


A Sami made us a special food dinner (Sami reindeer soup and bloody Sami cake) good food and new experiences, gratefulness. Each country sang a song, and our song was the dessert. Over this moment we couldn’t stop dancing…We went to the hotel at 01.00am.

It was a very funny party! AY! MACARENA!

Macarena saskiaMacarena martaMacarena jesus


Sixth day: 03/11 03.00 am. Flying day! It was the last day, without sleeping we had a coffee and went to Vaernes, Trondheim airport, by bus. Our plane took off at 06.00 am to Amsterdam, first stop. After we took a second plane to Madrid, lunch at the airport and finally we took a third plane to Asturias. We arrived at 19.00 pm. very tired, without sleeping, on air plane mode mind! We took a taxi and we arrived in Llanes. The trip was finished, it was a pity but …….



It was an absolutely amazing trip!

Thanks to the Norwegian team for your excellent organization, thanks to all the other countries participants for your patience, conversation and friendship, it was a very beautiful new experience for us and we’ll remember it always.

Thank you very much.

And, see you soon at the next meeting in Asturias!

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  1. Quel bon travail et quelle belle aventure ! C’est un plaisir de vous lire .


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