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Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Llanes

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Written by Sandra Somoano


I remember my first time I tried snails. It was in Madrid with a friend. We were looking for a restaurant different from the ones I usually go in Asturias. And my friend had a brilliant idea: go to a snail restaurant!…   caracol

Have you ever eaten snails? – My friend asked me.

No, I’ve never tried them – I answered.

Do you fancy going to a snail restaurant and try? – He suggested.

Ok, I’m easy. Whatever you like – I told him.

So, two hours later we were in a crowded restaurant where a lot of pots full of snails were everywhere. At that moment, I felt something strange on my stomach that didn’t make feel me comfortable in that place.

My friend ordered a plate of snails and two glasses of wine. First, the waiter came with the wine and a pair of minutes later with the snails. I didn’t know how to eat them but my friend explained that I had to take a toothpick with one hand and hold a snail with the other and try to take out the snail flesh from its shell with the toothpick.

My first attempt was successful. I ate the snail but it didn’t taste of anything. I tried again. But this second time was awful. Suddenly, when I was holding the snail on my hand I realized that its sweet eyes were looking at me!.  It seemed to be saying: Don’t eat me, please…! My face turned pale. I felt like a miserable criminal and I finally threw the snail on the floor.

That was the first and the last time I tried to eat snails. Never again.

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Written by Diego Acosta

I would like to speak about my first time with my first bike. And I would start telling you how it was like.

I came into it from my neighbor when his parents gave him a new one as a Christmas present therefore I had a bike apart from my other presents which it made me even happier. It was a fantastic and colorful blue and white bike with golden G.A.C. letters. It was a bit old-fashioned I have to recognize but when I rode it by the first time it gave me a real sensation of freedom that I’d never felt before.

One thing that amazed me about it was its high technology. It had an incredible system to reduce its measure which it was a handle in the middle of the main tube of its structure that allowed you to fold it and carrying it wherever you want without riding it. Another thing I liked most about it was its front torch which it worked with a piece that we could considerer a piece of museum nowadays, it was the dynamo. It was great because you didn’t need batteries or solar panels either to make it work. It worked with the front or rear wheel’s movement it depended on where you wanted to place the dynamo.

However, all things that it had weren’t good. On the negative side, it had an awful characteristic it was far heavier than my friends’ bikes. My friends and I loved riding our bikes and more often than not we went by bike everywhere. Because its weight of it I always had problems to follow them when the path was uphill so I was the last of the group but thanks to the same reason when we went downhill I went down like a missile, something quite dangerous for a six year old kid.