Come, share the Story

Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Llanes

Proyecto Grundtvig

Our personal stories are all around us.

Start by thinking about a special place that others aren’t familiar with, a special person that they don’t know, a time when you felt embarrassed, a time when you felt proud, exhilarated, in trouble, challenged, and a situation that didn’t seem funny at the time, but does now..”

Even though each of us has lived through different experiences, all of us have common threads that run through our lives. All of us had a special teacher. All of us had a pet, or maybe wanted a pet, or brought home a stray pet. All of us had a memorable childhood experience — good or upsetting. All of us had birthdays, with or without parties.

So, start telling some personal stories. Others will find out how human you are and will bond with you. Plus, you will have lots of fun remembering!

Proyecto Grundtvig                                                       EOI Llanes

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